Tracey says

Hi! One of the key elements of my success, has been Lance, my Personal Trainer.
Lance developed a program and diet plan specific to my goals and needs.
The evidence is clear! I've competed in two bodybuilding contests, with my first being at the Taranaki Champs, in which I placed 1st.  My second contest was at the Nationals Champs, in which I placed 3rd, and couldn't have done it without my trainer.
Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions about Lance as a trainer.

Tracey, 42

Teresa says

I have been working with Lance for about 6 months now.
Over 3- 4 times per week and was over 96 kilos prior to commencing training at home.
I am now sitting on 78 kilos, with the goal of reaching my target of 70 kilos by Christmas.
Feel free to contact me for a character reference on the above trainer.