Mobile and Small Group Training

Safe adaptive exercise for older adults and seniors in home and group exercise:

I work with:


Stroke (recovery assistance)


Balance and mobility improvements

Strengthening work (Resistance exercise)

Depression / Anxiety

I always look forward to working with people, to improve and enhance your physical capacity, and work around the many barriers to exercise.

Working to produce safe enjoyable and effective exercise programs for older adults and Seniors of various abilities, requiring specific skills.

I have over 21 years experience, and plenty of knowledge gained through education, professional experience and every day life.

Based on your ability level and current physical & mental challenges sessions Include:

Strength and Balance

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

You will increase your bone density, joint stability and mobility, energy levels, flexibility, reduce arthritis symptoms, increase your confidence and most importantly work on goals of ADL (Active Daily Living). This maybe as simple as carrying a bag of groceries, to simply getting up off the couch.