Mobile & Small Group Training

If you want to make personal changes to your body and life, you can't beat having your own personal trainer, to get that extra attention, motivation and accountability. Mobile Personal Training can be more than an at home one on one workout, there are also parks, beaches, hills and anywhere else in between, with plenty of toys for variety. I also offer pair training and small groups 2 - 4, (see below). The main body of a typical workout will be about 40 mins in length, so you will need to give yourself a full hour. For strength/conditioning, toning and weight control.

These workouts have different themes and each have new exercises to compliment the theme of the workout. This is incredibly convenient for those busy folks, you can workout in your pajama's if you like, mobile saves time,petrol,travelling, parking and also waiting for assistance and equipment The workouts are never boring, incorporating new and different techniques you have not done before, you can train indoors or out, and you don't need a large house, or equipment, I bring the eqiupment. The workouts are based on your level of ability, not one size fits all. You also get free homework. A workout to use in your own time, that I keep you accountable too.

Customise your own workout group. Designed to work for 3 - 8 people, whether you specifically want to enter a body sculpting contest in 6 months’ time, or loose a certain amount of body fat in 6 weeks’ time, and you have a friend or two that may have the same goals in mind, then form a small group and let's do it. I will create a fun and engaging workout that's different each time, that doesn’t feel like a chore. This is also an economical way to get personal training. This method applies to any goals and time lines you may all have as a small group.